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Thursday 23 May 2024  
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Allaah Relates In the Quran What People From the Past Said, He Relates the Meaning, Not The Exact Words

When there is a dialogue in the Quran, and at least one of the two speakers is a human being, does the verse convey that persons exact words or the meaning of what he said?

It appears to me what whatever dialogue Allaah Almighty relates of people from previous nations, He is relating the meaning, while the expression is from Him. This is because the Quran was revealed in the Arabic tongue, and as it is well-known, the people of previous nations did not speak Arabic, so Allaah related the meaning of what they said in the Arabic language. This proves that Allaah Almighty narrated their sayings with the meanings of what they said, not the expressions they used.

Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih al-`Uthaymeen
Fatawa Islamiyah Vol. 7 Page 107
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