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Thursday 23 May 2024  
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Shaikh Hammaad al-Ansaaree's encounter with Maududi
I visited Maududi (Abul-A’laa Al-Maududi) along with some brothers during the course of his stay in Riyadh and he was in the hotel ‘bat-haa’ so we entered upon him and he was praying the ‘Asr prayer, so I began observing his prayer. So when he finished I said to him:

‘This prayer of yours needs reviewing, for you do not raise your hands, nor do you relax (be at ease) and other than that’

So he said: ‘I am Hanafee in Madhhab’.

So I said to him: ‘this is more overwhelming than the first; since it is impermissible for you to say that, and you are above such a statement. We had come to think from your writings that you are a free-thinker[1], but it has become apparent to us that you are a constricted thinker.’ Then I said to him: ‘indeed Imaam Aboo Haneefah is the one that you blindly follow; yet who are the ones that Imaam Aboo Haneefah blindly followed?’

He remained silent, and Allaah's Aid is sought.


[1] See the book; The Methodology of the Prophets in calling to Allaah by Shaikh Rabee’ bin Haadee page: 157 onwards for detail of this. [Translators note]

Shaykh Hammaad al-Ansaaree
Majmoo' fee tarjumah Hamaad Al-Ansaaree volume 2 page 604
Translated by Aboo Haatim Muhammad Farooq
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