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Thursday 29 February 2024  
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If the entrusted sum was lost without injustice on the part of the trustee, he is not responsible

A person says "I was in a foreign country and a brother gave ma a sum of money to take care of as a trust, until he should return from his travels, knowing that if this sum was found in my possession at the airport, it would be confiscated from me, because that country does not allow this money to be taken out, since it is in excess of the permitted amount. So the money was found in my possession and taken from me - bearing in mind that I put it with some of my own money, which is also confiscated from me, what is the ruling on returning this money?"

Deposit is a trust and if it was lost while in one's hands without injustice on his part, then there is no obligation upon him; and if the matter as you state, then you are not obliged to compensate him. And Allah is the Granter of success . And may Peace and blessings be upon our Prophet, Muhammad and upon his family and his Companions.

Permanent Committee for Research and Verdicts
Fatawa Islamiyah, volume 5 / page 22
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