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Thursday 23 May 2024  
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How do we understand the hadeeth of the 73 sects given the presence of more than 73 sects in our time?

The Prophet (sal Allaahu alaiyhi wa sallam) said: “The Jews split into 71 sects, and the Christians split into 72 sects, and this nation will split into 73 sects, all of them in the Fire except one…” up to the end of the hadeeth. So the question is: how do we reconcile this hadeeth with the number of sects (in our time) being greater than 73 sects?

These (73 sects) are the foundations of the sects (we see today), then indeed they went on to form subgroups and split up into many sects. However their foundations are 73 sects just as the Prophet (sal Allaahu alaiyhi wa sallam) informed.

Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan
Shaykh Al Fawzaan in Silsilat ush Sharhi Rasaail p122
Translated by Abu Abdir Rahmaan ibn Najam
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