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Sunday 26 May 2024  
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What should I do?

If some people went on a journey and they wanted to pray Maghrib and Isha - and its known that one may combine the Maghrib and Isha prayers - then a man came and he had missed the first prayer and they were praying the second and he was unaware which of the two prayers they were praying. What is the ruling, should he pray or wait until the prayer is over then ask, or what should he do?

Regarding what the questioner has asked, that these people prayed the Maghrib and Isha prayers, and that this man came and found them praying, and he knew or did not know that it was the second, so what should he do: If he knew they were praying the second and he feared that the time for it would elapse, then he should join with them, assuming that it was the second, in order to ensure that he prayed it at its stated time, and after praying it, he could pray the first. In this way he would have feared Allaah within the bounds of his capabilities (i.e. by obeying Him). If he had joined them with the intention of praying the first, then it had become clear to him that they were praying the second, then his prayer would be considered the first (for him). And if they had already prayed one Rakah, he might join the Imam in the second Rakah and sit with him in the Tashahhud, by way of following the Imam. Then when the Imam made the Taslim, he would stand up and pray one Rakah, then sit for the first Tashahhud; after that, he would pray the third Rakah, then sit for the final Tashahhud and make the Taslim. Following that, he would perform the Isha prayer. If he caught the first Rakah, then he should perform the third Rakah after the Imams Taslim, then the Tashahhud and then the Taslim, after which he should perform the Isha prayer.

Permanent Committee for Research and Verdicts
Fatawa Islamiyah Vol. 2 Page 252
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