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Sunday 26 May 2024  
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Performing Hajj on behalf of someone else for a payment

Whoever took some pay to perform Hajj (the amount being 3,ooo riyals not including the sacrificial animal), and then the person who took the pay performed the Hajj in the required manner, Does this person receive the reward of a Hajj, and does the person who died receive the reward of a Hajj, and does the one who paid the wage receive the reward of a Hajj? Or is the one who performed the Hajj deprived of that reward? Some people have begun giving a ruling (fatwa) that we do not know. They say that the one who performed the Hajj gets no reward. He only took the pay in place of his reward for Hajj. We would like to know the correct view regarding this unclear matter.

If he took the pay for performing Hajj for the sake of his desire for worldly gain, then he is an extremely dangerous position because of that. It is feared that his Hajj will not be accepted, because he preferred this world to the Hereafter. However, if he took the pay while hoping for that which is with Allaah (of reward), and to benefit his Muslim brother by performing Hajj on his behalf, and so that he could participate with the Muslims in the sacred rites of Hajj (this is a different situation). If he took the pay while hoping for what reward he would get for the Tawaf and prayer in the Sacred Mosque and being present in the circles of knowledge, then he is upon tremendous good. It is hoped for him that he will achieve a reward like the reward of whoever he performed Hajj for.

Permanent Committee for Research and Verdicts

Fatawa Islamiyah, Vol.4, p.64, DARUSSALAM
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