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Wednesday 24 July 2024  
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The ruling on Disbelievers entering the Masjids and seeking their help in constructing them and supervising their construction
All praise is due to Allah and may blessings and peace be upon the messenger of Allah, his family, his companions and whoever follows him. To proceed:

In the Sixteenth session of the Council of the Senior Scholars that was held in the city of At-Ta'if, that lasted from the twelfth of Shawwal in the year 1400 AH, until the twenty-first of the same month, the Council looked into the ruling of the disbelievers entering the Masjids of the Muslims and helping them in their construction.

This came about due to a written telegram that was brought to his eminence, the General President for the Administrations of Scientific Researches, Religious Verdicts, Preaching and Guidance, from his Grace, the Deputy Minister of Public Works and Housing for affairs of public works by means of representation, with the number 2/5334 and dated 29/6/1400 AH. The text of the telegram is as follows:

"We would like to bring to your attention that one of the contractors suggested to us to rely upon an executive engineer who works with him for a project involving one of the Masjids. However, the mentioned engineer is a Christian. We hope to give our agreement if there is no prohibition in respect of the Islamic law against non-Muslims participating in the execution of Masjid projects and supervising such projects."

After the Council reviewed the research that was prepared by the Permanent Committee for Scientific Researches and Religious Verdicts concerning this matter, and listened to the statement of the people of knowledge regarding it, the Council agrees that this is not appropriate. Relying upon disbelievers in the construction of Masjids is not desired when there is someone who can do that among the Muslims. Also, disbelievers should not be brought (into Saudi Arabia) for this purpose or other purposes as well. This is in carrying out the will of the messenger that no two religions should be together in the (Arabian) Peninsula. This is also acting according to what will preserve the religion of this land (i.e. Islam), its safety and its stability. It will also keep dangers away form this land that have befallen neighbouring lands due to disbelievers being allowed to live in them and their being placed in charge of many of the affairs. This is because there is no guarantee against the disbelievers' treachery while designing the construction plans for the Masjids or executing them. They may design them in a form that is close or similar to the design of the churches, as has happened with some of them. likewise, they may behave deceptively in executing building because they are enemies of this religion (Islam) and whoever follows it from the Muslims.

The council advises that the governmental authorities in the Ministry of Public Works, the ministry of Hajj and Endowments, and other Ministries to be aware of those who are being made responsible for constructing Masjids and overseeing such projects. They should give strict attention and care to that. They should stipulate in every contract for the establishment of Masjids that the contractors should not seek the aid of any non-Muslim in designing and executing the construction of the Masjids.

And Allah is the Giver of success. May Allah send blessings and peace upon our prophet Muhammad, his family and his companions.

Fatawa Islamiyah, Vol.3, p.g 52-54, DARUSSALAM.
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